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Founder’s Message: 2023

As this propitious new year shines bright upon us, I’d like to personally thank each of our patrons for extending your invaluable support and entrusting your hard-won wealth with us. With your good wishes, Blue Lake Capital Management was awarded as the 10 best Wealth start-ups in India for the year 2022, by Silicon India Magazine and Publication.

In 2023, we’ll continue to stay laser-focused in ensuring that our client’s wealth grows at an accelerated pace and reaches greater heights, and that we remain true to our Core Values of Integrity, Stability, Trust & Accountability.
In the year to come, we’ll maintain the sincerity in our investment advice and ensure that our research is rigorous, world-class and stands tall from the crowd.
We’ll aspire to have our product offerings & services truly personalized, and our customer experiences delightful.
We’ll strive for the risk-reward payoffs being worth it, and that they get more bang-for-the-buck for our client’s money.
Last but not the least, we’ll stay committed to be a socially & environmentally responsible organization, and that our ethics are steadfast.

So, do join us in this exciting journey of taking the Quantum Leap in Wealth…

Here’s to an eventful 2023!! Wishing you a terrific year ahead.

 Warm Regards,


Vishal AHUJA, CWM® (USA)

Founder & Chief Analyst









The Capital, Level 7, Executive Centre, G-Block,

BKC, Bandra (East), Mumbai-400051, India.