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‘‘Stability and Transparency form the bedrock of our Core Values’’. Know more about our Core Values.

"We're there..."

Blue Lake Capital Management LLP is a boutique investment outfit dedicated to growing the wealth of our valued clients. BLCM focusses on a niche of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, Trusts and Institutional Investors who trust us to be diligent stewards in protecting and growing their wealth.
The firm boasts of an upbeat track record in the Global Capital Markets and it’s core value of Wealth generation for it’s esteemed investors with highest ethical standards and global practices.

Although experts in the Indian, US, APAC and European Capital Markets, we pursue opportunities in other major Global Markets, alternative Asset classes and the new-age Digital assets.

Blue Lake Capital Management LLP and it’s dutiful team are driven by a single purpose:

“To consistently generate superior risk-adjusted return multiples on our clients’ wealth over time, while adopting highest ethical standards, industry best practices and foster unmatched client relationships.”

Core Values

Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Process is as rigorous as it gets. We take ample time to carefully evaluate lucrative opportunities. It often takes weeks, even months of holistic research, due diligence and careful weighing of the risk-reward pay-off, before curating every investment idea and deciding to commit our available capital. 

As Warren Buffett would say “the first rule of investment is don’t lose money. And the second rule is, don’t forget the first rule”.

From the Founder’s Desk

Let’s give you a small taste of the magic that makes BLCM stand out from the crowd at growing our client’s wealth at an accelerated pace.


“BLCM is a marquee player in the industry, known for it’s world-class techniques in allocating, managing, growing and preserving capital, which encompasses:

  • Distribution of best-in-class Equity, Debt & Hybrid MFs through a corporate tie-up with Top 30 Asset Management Companies, AIF, PMS, Structured Products, International Funds, Unlisted Securities, Corporate FDs, RBI & Corporate Bonds, Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs), Capital Gain Bonds and more, all under one roof.
  • From the more holistic spectrum of Wealth Management, the services get razor-sharp with our one-to-one crafted private equities or hybrid baskets for UHNIs, Family Offices & Institutions across Global Markets.
  • Prowess of in-house research and astute filtering of all underlying Assets, leading to superior risk-adjusted returns & Wealth creation over the long term.

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