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“BLCM’s logo is allusive to Our Purpose and Core Values. Read more about the interesting attributes of our Logo”.

BLCM’s Logo symbolizes the ripples in Lake water, quite like the ever-buoyant markets and it’s price action forming fractal patterns in every timescale.

Fractals, as we all know, appear similar at various scales, and the exhibition of similar patterns at increasingly smaller scales is called self-similarity, or expanding / unfolding symmetry. Fractal geometry lies within the mathematical branch of measure theory.

Fractal - Flowers

When we hear the word “fractal,” we often think about complex mathematics. But that’s not it. Fractals also signify recurring patterns that occur amid larger more chaotic price movements. ‘‘The Dow Theory’’ written over a century ago and acclaimed till date by stock market pundits the world over, also revolves around the same premise.

Fractal patterns are in conformity to the laws and mystique of nature. Whether it’s forest trees or a singular branch of a tree, leaf veins or flowers, river deltas or growth spirals, all form natural fractal patterns that repeat smaller and smaller copies of themselves to create the biodiversity of nature.

Fractal - Trees

This ideology signifies life, growth, optimism, buoyancy, self-similarity, symmetry in randomness, and all of which form the ethos of BLCM’s Logo.