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From the Founder’s Desk

Let’s give you a small taste of the magic that makes BLCM stand out from the crowd at growing our client’s wealth at an accelerated pace.

"As such, Investing and Stock picking are more of Art than Science"

There is a reason why robo and algo trading, which are an integral part of the new-age markets, won’t beat humans, unless humans want to stop thinking unpredictably (Behavioral finance is a subject that can be kept for another day).

It is a specialised craft we have honed over the years. It is this type of “human expertise” that can never be outsourced or substituted away by technology.

It’s a science to analyse Earnings, Valuations, Free Cash Flows, Growth Potential, Ratios etc., but it’s artisanal to sight early trends in an impending explosive growth story. A scientific approach helps us analyse large amounts of data and build complex models, using Stochastics, Volatility, Relative strength, Momentum, Moving averages, Price-action, Chart patterns studies etc., however these are only complements designed to assist our Art of decision making. In the end, it is the human who pulls the trigger. He who, with the help of the tools he mastered, makes the judgment call.

That said, at BLCM we are always guided and bound by our Purpose statement and Core Values, and given any real-world constraints, we would always stand by and remain true to these principles.

With that, I’d like to warmly welcome you to be a part of the growing BLCM family and join us in the incredible journey of taking ‘‘Quantum Leap In Wealth’’.

 Warm Regards,


Vishal AHUJA, CWM® (USA)

Founder & Chief Analyst









The Capital, Level 7, Executive Centre, G-Block,

BKC, Bandra (East), Mumbai-400051, India.


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