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Blue Lake Capital Management LLP is a boutique investment outfit dedicated to growing the wealth of our valued clients. BLCM focusses on a niche of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, Trusts and Institutional Investors who trust us to be diligent stewards, to protect and grow their wealth.

The firm boasts of an upbeat track record in the Global Capital Markets and it’s core value of Wealth generation for it’s esteemed investors with highest ethical standards and global practices.
Although experts in the Indian and US Capital Markets, we pursue opportunities in other major Global Markets, alternative Asset classes and the “new-age” Digital assets.

Blue Lake Capital Management LLP and it’s dutiful team are driven by a single purpose:

To consistently generate superior risk-adjusted return multiples on our clients’ wealth over time, while adopting highest ethical standards, industry best practices and foster unmatched client relationships.

Vishal Ahuja, CWM® (USA)

Founder & Chief Analyst, Blue Lake Capital Management LLP
IIM Ahmedabad, 2007 || NiSM Certified Research Analyst || Practising Elliottician || Aspiring Hedge-Fund Manager

An industry veteran and a seasoned banker. Vishal has earned his stripes over two decades in the world of corporate finance.

Out of his rich 22 years experience, Vishal spent the last 14 years with India’s largest private bank HDFC Bank (NYSE: HDB). Vishal climbed the corporate ladder, meticulously mastering each and every echelon. Eventually achieving the Vice President position and being a part of the senior leadership team at the bank.

Vishal is well versed in every aspect of the banking and finance world, from Risk Management to Compliance and Process orientation.

Truly, discipline, ethics, performance and a strong sense of responsibility are hard wired into his DNA.

In addition to the accolades he achieved in the professional world, Vishal has demonstrated the same drive to excel in academia.

  • In 2007, Vishal snatched his General Management from the highly distinguished, IIM Ahmedabad.
  • He is a qualified Chartered Wealth Manager® (CWM®) conferred by the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM), International Board Of Standards.
  • He has been awarded with the Quantitative Modeling certification from Ivy league’s Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
  • He successfully obtained the certification (with Honors) – ‘’Investment Management in an Evolving and Volatile World’’ from HEC Paris (in association with AXA Investment Managers).
  • He acquired the certification – ‘’Portfolio and Risk Management’’ from University of Geneva (in association with UBS).
  • He is a NiSM Certified “Research Analyst” required under the SEBI regulations, 2007 (Certification of Associated Person in Securities Markets). 
  • Vishal is a practising “Elliottician” for over a decade. This market theory invented by Ralph N Elliott in the 1930’s has manifested to be highly rewarding for his clients’ (and his own) investments. Alongside practising, Vishal also tutors the Elliott Wave Theory to advance learners.
  • Vishal is a consulting Subject Matter Expert Advisor (for the Financial Services & Banking sector) with Guidepoint Global LLC, the world’s leading professional network company that renders Business Research to Institutional clients, enabling them make critical Investment and Business decisions.                                                Headquartered in New York USA, Guidepoint Global serves Institutional clients spread across 4 continents (Americas, Europe, Middle East & Asia Pacific) through their 15 offices around the world.

Harboring a passion for entrepreneurship and the Capital Markets since his Business school days, coupled with his love for numbers, Vishal took the initiative to bring this passion to benefit his clients through the creation of Blue Lake Capital Management LLP. Dexterous in the Art of Investing and Stock-picking, Vishal has the knack of pre-empting the next BIG move in the Market. And, confident in his strategies, Vishal puts ‘‘his money where the mouth is” by investing his own money alongside his clients.

Intellectually inclined, Vishal is thrilled about sharing his carefully constructed thoughts through the written word. He has authored several pieces on Global Stock Markets and the world of High Finance in popular blogs and is currently authoring his own book on the Capital Markets.

And when he is not busy at his office, Vishal is cultivating a rich life through fitness, meditation and travel. These reprieves allow him to wind down, keep sharp and bring about new insights and investing ideas. His love for car-racing keeps his mind agile to seamlessly navigate through the crests and troughs in the markets!

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