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October 11th, 2022 – India holding up nicely

The World Indices from Jan 1st, 2022 to Oct 10th, 2022:
US Dow Jones = -19.64%
US S&P 500 = -24.21%
US Nasdaq = -32.62%
UK = -5.76%
Germany = -22.74%
France = -18.35%
Hong Kong = -27.70%
Japan = -7.98%
India = -0.65%

Technical Outlook:

Nifty may test 17500-17600 levels soon. There are 2 possibilities from thereon:

(i) Markets may hit this resistance zone and fall back to around 17000-17100 and then show a strong bounce back, setting it’s course gradually towards 18000. So this is when we enter, at 17000-17100 (or 17200) with our next investment tranche, to ensure a good buying average at lower levels.

(ii) The other possibility is markets break the 17500-17600 barrier and continue to go up. In that case we would enter roughly at 17600 with our next tranche.

Ofcourse there could always be a 3rd outcome (which seems “less probable” for now), of market entering a bearish phase if they break 16750, in which case we will wait till 16300 to consider entering with our next tranche


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